LT MCA (Lateral Entry Master of Computer Application)

Course Duration : 2 years (4 Semesters)       Direct Admission in 2nd year (III Semester)

LT MCA Curriculum

Subject Code Subject
MCA-301 Computer Oriented optimization Techniques
MCA-302 Software Engineering Methodologies
MCA-303 Object Oriented Methodology & C++
MCA-304 Theory of Computation
MCA-305 Computer Networks
MCA-306 Programming Lab (Any Two Tools from VB & VC++)
MCA-307 Programming Lab in C++
Subject Code Subject
MCA-401 Artificial Intelligence & Applications
MCA-402 Information Storage & Management
MCA-403 Computer Graphics & Multimedia
MCA-404 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
MCA-405 Elective 1 (E1)
MCA-406 Minor Project –I
MCA-407 Computer Graphics Lab

Elective- I

Subject Code Subject
MCA-405(A) Java Programming & Technology
MCA-405(B) Compiler Design
MCA-405(C) Managerial Economics
MCA-405(D) Advanced Database Management System
Subject Code Subject
MCA-501 Data ware housing & Mining
MCA-502 Unix & shell prog.
MCA-503 Cloud Computing
MCA-504 Elective II
MCA-505 Elective III
MCA-506 Minor Project –II
MCA-507 Programming Lab in Cloud Computing


Subject Code Subject
MCA-504(A) Modeling and Simulation
MCA-504(B) Organization Behavior
MCA-504(C) Soft Computing
MCA-504(D) Networking Programming
MCA-504(E) Dot net Technology


Subject Code Subject
MCA-505(A) Distributed System
MCA-505(B) Computer vision & Digital Image Processing
MCA-505(C) Bio informatics
MCA-505(D) Embedded System
MCA-505(E) Network Security
Subject Code Subject
MCA-601 Major Project