BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Course Duration : 3 Years (6 Semesters)

BBA Curriculum

Paper Code Subject
BB-101 Managerial skills
BB-102 Fundamentals of Management
BB-103 Economics-1
BB-104 Basic Accounting
BB-105 Hindi
BB-106 Information Technology
Paper Code Subject
BB-201 Business communication
BB-202 Human Resource Management
BB-203 Economics-II
BB-204 Financial Management
BB-205 English
BB-206 Management Information System
PaperCode Subject
BB-301 MarketingManagement
BB-302 OrganizationalBehavior
BB-303 BusinessEnvironment
BB-304 Businesscosting
BB-305 OperationsManagement
BB-306 Businessstatistics
Paper Code Subject
BB-401 Entrepreneurship
BB-402 Supply chain management
BB-403 International business
BB-404 Indian legal system for business
BB-405 Management accounting
BB-406 Operations Research
Paper Code Subject
BB-501 Customer Relationship Management
BB-502 Research Methodology
BB-503 Indian Financial System
BB-504 Project Management
BB-505M Advertising and Brand Management
BB-505F Banking and Insurance
BB-505H Human Resource Development
BB-506M Sales and Distribution Management
BB-506F Working Capital Management
BB-506H Industrial Relations
Paper Code Subject
BB-601 Total Quality Management
BB-602 Retail Management
BB-603 Strategic Management
BB-604 Indian Ethos in Management
BB-605M Marketing of Services
BB-606M Consumer Behaviour
BB-605F Merchant Banking and Financial Services
BB-606F International Finance
BB-605H Performance Management
BB-605H Leadership Skills and Change Management